Benchmarking and Best Practices

The knowledge that can help your organization grow.

Benchmarking your organization and leveraging best practices provides a foundation for your organization to enable strategic decisions and initiatives-and help it grow.

Many reasons to benchmark
Often, our clients want us to review a core business function to evaluate its cost, cycle-time, productivity or quality. As part of that review, we leverage industry leading benchmarking tools that allow us to measure our clients against their peers or against leading practices across industries-providing a performance snapshot in time that can be re-measured and managed on an ongoing basis.

Benchmarking can also be used for trend analysis and target setting as part of your annual strategic planning process, or to measure something very specific-the number of FTEs per transaction, the relative costs of various operational functions or the ability of organizations to respond to requests from customers and vendors. This type of information is invaluable to organizations that want to manage and assess their performance relative to other similar organizations.

Benefits of a continuous benchmarking process
The real benefits of benchmarking come from continuously monitoring your benchmarking metrics and focusing on areas where increased efficiency, effectiveness or cost reductions would have the biggest impact. Through benchmarking we help you implement an improvement program aimed at continually enhancing operational performance.

Why RSM?
Our business consultants provide you with knowledge and experience gained from years of working with organizations just like yours. We're objective, with specific training in the benchmarking process and in the variety of approaches, databases and tools we use to prepare your final benchmark report.

And, we're skilled at communicating benchmarking results and insights, and at making recommendations that facilitate cooperation and buy-in across your organization.

Call us. We'd like to discuss how benchmarking and best practices can help you grow.

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Why benchmark your organization's operations?
Benchmarking provides an opportunity to evaluate and implement functional improvements, operational efficiencies and cost reduction strategies when many businesses are facing tighter budgets and declining revenues.

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