Software Selection and Optimization

Software selection and optimization requires an unbiased and pragmatic approach to improve the usefulness of technology.

The technology marketplace constantly evolves—with a steady stream of options available to help you run your business. Deciding how to change your technology environment to support your operations, however, can be difficult.

You need sustainable, scalable systems that provide the flexibility to easily adapt to your changing business requirements and carry you into the future. Implementing a solution that won't meet your long-term needs just doesn't make economic sense.

With our proven, unbiased approach to software selection and optimization, making important decisions related to your software and systems is much easier.

Software selection

If your current system is not effectively supporting your business needs, we guide you through a thoughtful process to evaluate and choose the right solution from the vast array of alternatives. Our software selection criteria, includes:

  • Ability to support the overall business strategy and objectives
  • Current and future functional requirements
  • Reporting and regulatory requirements
  • Technical requirements and overall technology strategy
  • Solution's ability to adapt to changing needs
  • Business process improvement enablement
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of implementation and fit for your organization
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Vendor strategy and viability

Our system selection methodology and project leadership ensure you consider the relevant criteria and help you meet your project timelines. In addition, our approach helps you plan for the new system's implementation and set realistic goals and expectations regarding timing, budget and impact to the organization.

Software optimization

If your current system isn't out-of-date but poses challenges, including system and business process efficiency, you may want to consider its optimization potential. Optimization can be the answer when: 1) your recent implementation isn't achieving the expected ROI, 2) your business has changed significantly since implementation, or 3) turnover has resulted in lost knowledge. Sometimes, system optimization can buy you time before you make a larger move to a new solution.

The optimization process puts the focus on aligning your business processes, operational processes and business model to the system's capabilities. Improving your current system's functionality could include system reconfiguration, adding modules or modifying support processes.

Clues that you may need to optimize your system include:

  • Changes to your business strategy or functional requirements
  • Changing process requirements
  • Business expansion domestically and/or globally
  • New system functionality requirements
  • New accounting or regulatory requirements
  • Business volume scaling or declining system performance (but still within the system's capability)
  • The proliferation of rogue, off-system tools and practices
  • System resource capacity constraints
  • System reliability concerns

RSM consultants follow our Rapid Assessment® methodology to Discover how your use of the system and technology can be improved to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and overall support of the business strategy. Our approach focuses on system configuration, people and skills, business process enablement and future needs to develop recommendations for improvement. In a matter of weeks, we assess your situation and provide you with a Roadmap of recommendations to improve performance. If you choose to proceed with some or all of the recommendations, our team can also assist with the implementation.

System selection or optimization demands business process experience

During the system selection and optimization process, establishing a future vision of your business processes is critical. Our team has vast experience in assessing how a new solution or system optimization effort can enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your key business processes.

RSM consultants help you sort through all the important system considerations. We share our knowledge of industry-leading practices, our in-depth system and product knowledge and our vendor experience.

The final decision is yours—be confident it's the right one. Call RSM for an unbiased approach to your system needs.



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