Business Transformation

Increase competitiveness through continuous improvement and agility.

From the inside, it's hard to objectively identify where major opportunities for improvement exist. RSM consultants look holistically at your organization or a specific function to effect the change you need to achieve your strategic objectives and operational goals.

We advise private and public companies, non-profits and the public sector who are struggling with problems that include:

  • Rapid growth, where sales and marketing are significantly ahead of the back-office and other functions
  • Uncertainty regarding whether systems, processes, organizational alignment and performance management capabilities can support expected future growth
  • Lack of industry-leading practices in all or some areas
  • Inability to weave continuous improvement into the organization's culture and replace reliance on the "old way of doing things" with a vision for new possibilities

RSM's approach to business transformation

Our business transformation approach includes a comprehensive strategic evaluation, along with innovative solutions that help you transform your operations. Most importantly, it encourages risk-taking by fostering the cultural adoption of change, using language and tools to initiate a continuous process improvement environment. The goal is a more agile organization, able to keep pace with a changing marketplace.

We use functional maturity models to reveal any significant gaps in capabilities and to drive value. Additionally, our benchmarking tools help evaluate your financial performance, operational efficiency and effectiveness in relation to peers in your industry and whether the organization is properly aligned to execute on your strategy.

Leveraging our proprietary methodology, we can help you achieve fundamental and profound changes in the following areas:

  • Accounting and finance transformation
  • IT transformation
  • Supply chain and inventory management
  • Other functional areas, including HR, customer service, sales and marketing, and more

To effect fundamental and profound change, cross-functional teams of RSM consultants assess your:

  • Strategy and structure
  • Systems and processes, including your IT applications and infrastructure
  • Personnel, including skills and untapped capabilities
  • Culture and management style

Ultimately, we help you define a feasible, pragmatic path forward to transform your business. Practical, quick wins help to foster a momentum and mindset for continued improvement. True transformation enables organizations to develop strategically important capabilities, create a scalable platform for effectively supporting anticipated growth, and realize improved financial efficiency and results.

Why RSM?

Real change requires specialists who understand your industry and culture. We bring experienced industry professionals to your situation, enabling us to truly transform your organization.

RSM consultants use a proven engagement methodology to assist us during the discovery process as we learn about your goals, objectives and daily challenges. You are an active participant in the process of co-developing your improvement roadmap ─ the action plan to get your organization functioning the way it must, to remain competitive.

Begin the transformation conversation, call RSM.


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