Business Process Improvement

Take your business to the next level and achieve your strategic objectives.

Problems surrounding missed deadlines, poor quality, process issues, overtime and rising costs all hint at the opportunity for business process improvement (BPI). Unfortunately, BPI often takes a back seat to the daily demands of running the business—giving way to ongoing inefficiency, lost opportunities and the six most expensive words in business: "We've always done it this way."

Change can be hard. Employees could be resistant, at least at first, and your staff may be too close to the problems to be able to fix them.

Partnering with an objective third party who knows how to manage change makes all the difference.

Improvement begins with a process review

Experienced RSM professionals review your organization's processes. We help you define your critical success factors and determine the best course of action. Our process improvement approach addresses six basic questions for each process:

  • Is the process defined, documented, communicated and consistently followed?
  • Does everyone understand who, what, when, where, why and how?
  • Is there a system in place to manage the process?
  • Is that system consistently applied across groups?
  • Is the current process efficient and effective?
  • Based on our experience and knowledge of best practices, could we streamline or reengineer the process to add value—for the process, the product or the customer? 

The answers to these questions will help determine the steps needed for improvement. And the benefits of improvement can be significant, from cost reductions and increased productivity to:

  • More accurate information
  • An improved customer experience
  • Improved employee experience due to less frustration with inefficient processes
  • More seamless work flow across work groups and departments
  • Accelerated responsiveness
  • Better use of technology
  • Less paperwork and fewer manual activities
  • Practical insights, resulting in continuous improvement

To effect real change requires specialists who understand your industry and sector. We bring the right industry professional to your situation, enabling us to help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and grow your bottom line.

Our proven engagement methodology and tools assist us during the Discover phase as we learn about your goals, objectives and daily challenges associated with people, process, and technology. You are an active participant in the process of co-developing your improvement Roadmap—the action plan to get your organization functioning the way it should.

Why RSM?

Business process improvement calls for extensive industry experience and knowledge. We have professionals with years of experience in almost every industry. Based on this experience, we share leading practice recommendations with you and your staff, helping you save time and money and more easily achieve your strategic business objectives.

Unlike many firms, RSM offers comprehensive, integrated capabilities in risk advisory, financial advisory and technology. We leverage this diversity to provide you with real value throughout the business process improvement process.

Don't settle for inefficient, cumbersome and costly processes. Give RSM a call.



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