Business Analytics

Business analytics transforms your data into strategic insights.

Businesses are awash in data. Let us help you make sense of the numbers.

Highly competitive organizations are able to distill data into actionable information. Working with RSM business analytics professionals helps you drive value through:

Business planning

Effective financial and operational planning methods are critical ─ for budgeting, improving operating and financial forecasts and for projections regarding strategic opportunities. Our professionals work closely with you to focus forward. We help you align plans with your business strategy, bring key issues to the forefront, align resources and requirements necessary to execute on strategic objectives.

Our consultants have years of experience helping executives and leaders design, evaluate and implement business plans. With extensive knowledge encompassing accounting, finance, and operations, we tailor our approach to your needs.

You benefit from the industry skills, tools and knowledge of the RSM professionals who provide you with a comprehensive, holistic view of your unique situation. Services include:

  • Budgeting and operational planning – development of forward-looking financial information and plans
    We help you develop and implement driver-based budgets, rolling forecasts and leading practice reporting/monitoring supported by technology
  • Forecasting and projections – long-range business and financial plans
    Management teams of industry leading firms focus on growth. We help you develop and implement long-range (three- to five-year) projections for strategic/financial planning, raising capital /re-financing and board presentations
  • Financial evaluation of strategic options – business case development and modeling
    Leveraging data helps remove subjectivity from your decision-making process when evaluating organic and/or inorganic strategies
  • Rapid Assessment®
    Quick reviews that benchmark and assess current operations but focus on working with you to define a roadmap plan to improve performance for that functional area. This level of business planning focuses on a specific functional area. Our consultant use our proprietary methodology and training to help you identify, define, and implement the change necessary to operate at a much higher level of effectiveness.

Profitability analytics

Businesses use analytics to evaluate profitability by customer, by product, by region and other various ways. We help you dig into the drivers/dimensions of profitability to develop an strategic understanding of the business. Analytics frequently reveal a new understanding, by dimension of what products, customers, and regions are making a profit or losing money in addition to where to focus your organization’s resources/efforts.

Looking at the following, we help you determine how to improve profitability:

  • Cost allocations - defining an approach for distributing enterprise and indirect costs. Activity-based costing helps you understand consumption of costs based on operational cost drivers and the related margin.
  • Margin leakage analysis - Identifying and evaluating key drivers/dimensions of margin in your portfolio of products/services, customers, plants, etc. Helping to show your organization where performance improvement opportunities exist and where to focus future resources.
  • Cost optimization - Evaluating cost performance and recommending tactics to reduce or eliminate costs based on process reengineering, organizational design and vendor management tactics
  • Pricing strategies - Helping your organization consider optimal pricing for its products or services based on market conditions, product mix, and understanding of product costing.

Our consultants know where to look and what to look for to help you drive profitability and improvement. We take a fresh, strategic look at pricing, helping you get a handle on the total cost of your products/services and their delivery and support. We help you analyzing certain customers to help you rationalize your products and services. Those are just a few areas where opportunity may exist.

Benchmarking and performance analytics

Organizations today depend on benchmark and performance analytics to drive decisions and remain competitive. Benchmarks and performance analytics help you compare your organization's performance against your peers, leading practices and historical trends.

By benchmarking your organization and leveraging best practices, you set the foundation that can enable the organization to more easily make strategic decisions and engage in initiatives that will help it grow.

Popular services among our clients include:

  • Review of a core business function to evaluate its cost, cycle-time, productivity or quality. As part of the review, we leverage industry-leading benchmarking tools that allow us to measure our clients against their peers or against leading practices across industries ─ providing a performance snapshot in time that can be re-measured and managed on an ongoing basis
  • Trend analysis and target-setting as part of the business planning process or to measure something very specific ─ for instance, the number of FTEs per transaction, the relative costs of various operational functions or the organization's ability to respond to customer and vendor requests. This type of information is invaluable to organizations that want to manage and assess their performance relative to similar organizations


As the leading professional services firm focused on the middle market, RSM has access to comprehensive databases and tools to help support your organization in monitoring and analyzing performance.

Specifically, we help organizations identify and analyze metrics for the following:

  • Public and private company financial statement comparables
  • Finance and accounting group
  • Technology group
  • Operations
  • Industry-specific metrics

Working with RSM, you have access to professionals across the accounting and finance, risk management and technology spectrums. Our people are business analysts who are able to see the big picture.

When you need strategic insights to help grow your business, contact RSM.


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Why benchmark your organization's operations

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