Powerful, easy-to-use technologies that serve today’s business needs and grow with your strategic plan.

There have never been more options for connecting your company—both internally and with outside clients, partners and prospects. Integrate voice, video, email, text message, fax and social media on a flexible platform that extends your choices and meets industry standards or regulatory requirements.

Even the newer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems quickly reach capacity, so it makes sense to start with an assessment of your unified communications equipment and workflows.

Communications technology is evolving. Are your networks keeping pace?
Unified communications planning may include anything from switchboard services and videoconferencing to fuller integration of data. Single-number reach, multiplatform messaging and business intelligence are essential for both convenience and effectiveness. Companies need to retrieve records and share them securely whether to an in-house contact center or a remote work site. 

You know all video systems are not the same. A free, two-person video chat on FaceTime or similar technologies is no substitute for enterprise-grade, secure and reliable video-enabled meetings.

Bring your own device? We do.
Smartphone and web services give your customers new self-service options. Teleworkers can direct interactions across platforms, speeding resolutions for customer service agents. Internally, sharing data and documents gets easier using chat windows, social media and carrier-level service.

Unified communications gets more done, and simplifies telecom budgets while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Understanding Your Needs   

  • Evaluate business and financial considerations
  • Perform an objective telecom assessment
  • Determine the right level of investment

Maximizing Your Capabilities 

  • Choose the right system and platform
  • Satisfy mission-critical roles and regulations
  • Simplify disaster recovery planning

Reliable Services and Advice   

  • VoIP feasibility and assessment services
  • Managed phone services for 24x7x365 reliability
  • Contact center design and analysis

RSM knows the marketplace
Understanding business needs and the financial case is the starting point for RSM. Our professionals listen before considering specific systems or providers. An objective review process identifies your particular needs through a telecom assessment. Together, we determine the capacity of your existing network. That important step helps to clarify whether an upgrade, expansion or new system is the right solution.

Leverage Microsoft Office 365 Teams, Mitel’s MiCollab or Cisco Systems Spark capabilities across hosted systems, cloud-based communications or on-premise and hybrid/blended networks for specific mission-critical roles, especially in banking, utilities and other regulated industries.

Multiple vendors and hybrid cloud options are creating new management challenges for executives and front-line technical staff. It gets more complex with disaster recovery planning and failover requirements, especially with the churn of resellers and providers in this dynamic industry.  


Combining technical skill and financial discipline—telecommunications professionals and business analysts—means you get maximum returns from your investment. RSM aligns your company’s operating strategy with the optimal unified communications tools and solutions. We don’t sell software or equipment. Rather, RSM enjoys high-level ties to Cisco, Mitel, Microsoft and other companies that serve this evolving field.

RSM can define and implement the full range of customer-facing or internal systems. Our professionals help define your criteria for success—whether the need is a high-volume call center for customers or a mission-critical internal system that integrates data, audio, video, web and social conferencing. Our diverse experience delivers a bottom-line focused plan, not a sales pitch.

Persistent myths about IP telephony and security
Internet-based phone and messaging systems leave many companies uncertain about shifting from existing telecommunications platforms. Services and efficiencies continue to expand and integrate, so even a 5 year-old network plan may not have the capacity your company requires. Let RSM explore the options and pathway to unified communications for your company.

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