Contract Manufacturing Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics® AX

RSM for Life Sciences includes advanced functionality to drive growth and profitability for life sciences contract manufacturing. With RSM, you get a production and supply chain system tailored for life sciences with a capable project management and accounting financial back end. Imagine if your contracts were tied to production, to costing, and to invoicing, with an information delivery system that provided both you and your customer with the real-time status of projects they demand today.

  • Out-of-the-Box Portals: RSM allows you to place orders, view near real-time status of production, quality, inventory, consigned materials, and batch records, all in a controlled, secure environment.
  • Operational Considerations: RSM allows you to more easily scale clinical batches to commercial quantities, and to satisfy your validation and change control requirements.
  • Batch Costs: With RSM, you will know your actual batch costs to determine customer and contract profitability. You will not need to rely on paper-based batch records any more.
  • Accurate Invoices: RSM  gives you the ability to invoice accurately, with functionality such as time and material, percent complete, suite time, milestones, minimum batch size, change over fees, and more.

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