Clinical Trial Operations Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics®AX   

Our clinical trial operations customers have the dual demand of managing limited or fixed funding at a high rate of cost burn in a line of business with no revenue, while also maintaining the same financial and regulatory standards of a commercial operation. RSM for Life Sciences includes advanced functionality to drive growth and profitability for clinical trial operations:

  • Single Source of Data: RSM, together with Dynamics AX, can transition you from managing data in Excel and other silos of data across disparate business processes, to a solution that provides you with a single source of true and accurate data.
  • True Costs: With RSM, you can streamline data collection to understand the true cost of production, distribution, and clinical operations costs.
  • Portals: RSM offers built-in portals for employees, vendors, suppliers, and clinicians to report on expenses, consumption, and supply costs.
  • Integration: With RSM, you can integrate with contract service providers to achieve full visibility from API suppliers, bulk processors, packagers, and 3PLs.
  • Planning Engine: With RSM, you will get a superior planning engine that reduces inventory carrying costs and contract manufacturer fees for changeover and minimum orders.
  • Collaborative System: RSM streamlines delays related to packaging and labeling confirmation, batch records, and quality release by using one highly collaborative system.

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