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RSM is one of the largest providers of Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions in the U.S. As a proven Microsoft implementation leader, we have been serving the ERP community for more than 30 years. Our experienced professionals not only understand the issues facing your industry and provide fresh insights with tailored services, they also are Certified Microsoft Professionals for Dynamics AX.

RSM offers comprehensive professional services for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Our Dynamics AX team is a national practice with consultants who bring a breadth of experience and deep industry knowledge to integrate and streamline all aspects of your corporate operations.

Whether you’re doing business across geographies, industries, or across the street, help lead your organization to a competitive advantage with business software that’s as agile as you need to be. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for midsize and Tier-1 organizations that empowers people to work effectively, manage change, and compete globally. It makes it easy to operate across locations and countries by standardizing processes, providing visibility across your organization, and simplifying compliance. Microsoft Dynamics is available in 25 countries and in 23 languages.

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The key to a successful enterprise resource planning implementation

Working with RSM at start of new ERP implementations, learn how we train the project team by using boot camp style courses.

  • Rachel Profitt


Introducing product information management to your company

Learn how Product information management systems can provide significant benefits to organizations, with enhanced information delivery capabilities across all sales channels.

  • Brion Reusche


CIO and CFO insights in the ERP selection process

Insights on encouraging collaboration as it relates to ERP planning, especially at the CIO and CFO level.

  • George Casey


When is it a good time for a bill of material to explode?

An effective BOM reduces costs related to inaccurate information and increase efficiencies when setup properly.

  • Michael Bell


How companies can use business intelligence effectively

Business run better with BI. It gives companies timely information to be proactive on issues before the have a major effect on operations.


7 hidden costs of best of breed TPM systems

Insights on the cost and complexity of integrating (TPM) systems and ERP systems.


4 red flags that your ERP implementation partner is failing you

Insights on issue that can occur when your ERP partner is failing your group.


2016 Food and beverage industry update, part 2

It is mission critical for companies to keep up with the breakneck pace of new product innovation.


2016 Food and beverage industry update, part 1

Food and beverage customers expect variety, in part to the growing network of digital and social tools that make the shopping process more dynamic.


Investing in online retail improves the overall sales experience

Retailers are seeking to a more omnichannel customer base by optimizing their online sales capability.


Optimizing product sales through database and e-commerce integration

The value of e-commerce and database integration relates to your decision on deciding whether or not to invest in an ERP solution.


Optimizing sales processes for better predictability and profitability

Keeping up with sales, both in-store and online, means staying one step ahead of marketplace changes


2016 Retail industry update, part 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part series and covers the topics of investments in analytics, security and employee training.


2016 Retail industry update, part 1

As retail companies implement plans to succeed in 2016, many revolve around leveraging new and emerging technologies.


Distributor updates technology for expansion and integration

TricorBraun chose the Dynamics AX solution because it met all their stringent requirements and as a bonus, the cost of ownership was also attractive.


Martial arts retailer upgrades technology to improve customer experience

Learn about the successes when Century Martial Arts implemented the Dynamics AX ERP platform with a custom-designed business intelligence system.


Improves its business flexibility and visibility

By upgrading to a newer version of Dynamics AX with JunctionFB, they gained new functionality that improves their business management.


Setting direction for growth with outstanding quality

Peet's realized they could deploy Microsoft Dynamics relatively quickly with a comparatively low start-up cost with RSM.


Dynamics AX helps garden supply retailer unify systems and customer views

GSC was experiencing significant limitations with a 20 year old system. A Dynamics AX solution created process efficiencies that boosted productivity.


Improve customer service with Dynamics AX for Retail

Their Microsoft Dynamics AX solution brought as much of the company onto one system as possible without going through a lot of custom programming.


Grocery chain gains productivity and inventory visibility and control

JunctionFB is integrated with 5 legacy H-E-B systems, including production floor control and attendee software.


ERP selection streamlines finance and accounting for diverse organization

RSM helps a multicompany organization modernize its core business systems, implementing a flexible ERP platform for a variety of businesses.


Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX to optimize your human resources function

The implementation of an effective human capital management system can streamline HR operations, positively impacting hiring and employee retention while reducing overhead.

  • Bob Bell


Integrating Project Server and Dynamics AX to increase resource utilization

Find out how to properly integrate Project Server and Dynamics AX to create more efficient processes and increase project management capabilities.


Osmotica Pharmaceutical

Michael Gesser, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer of Osmotica Pharmaceutical, discuss how their implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX has positioned their business for future growth


Transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics AX: Evaluating data migration solutions

Many businesses struggle with transitioning data from their previous ERP platform after upgrading to Dynamics AX. Learn more about efficient and cost-effective migration strategies that maintain data integrity.

  • John Hannan

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Osmotica Pharmaceutical
Michael Gesser, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer of Osmotica Pharmaceutical, discuss how their implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX has positioned their business for future growth.