SharePoint® Improves Collaboration, Increases ROI

Our customized approach blends technical and industry knowledge with years of experience.

SharePoint can provide you with the tools you need to increase employee productivity by centralizing data storage, reducing the chances of version control issues, and enabling data sharing and record retention. It allows you to establish custom data for departments, work groups, committees—whatever makes the most sense for your organization.

Popular SharePoint features include:

  • Calendars
  • Announcements
  • Documents and forms
  • Directories
  • Internal and external "quick links" to information
  • Discussion boards
  • Meeting workspace
  • Surveys
  • Other tools, including search, dashboards and helpdesk capabilities

With the right framework, SharePoint can help you:

  • Leverage the platform as a development environment to enforce business process and standardization of information
  • Improve collaboration, allowing users to comment on business content through wikis or blogs
  • Increase ROI by "push-publishing" enterprise reports to the portal
  • Reduce file server creep by centralizing document storage and eliminating the "mess" associated with multiple departments' varying structures and filing conventions
  • Create graphical dashboards, improving readability and understanding
  • Reduce email clutter related to spreadsheets and report copies
  • Enable decision making, using data that's readily available and up-to-date
  • Establish version control, fostering "one version of the truth"
  • Facilitate access to documents, surveys and industry information through meta-tagged, searchable knowledge articles
  • Streamline training through Web and portal interfaces
  • Lower the total cost of operations systems ownership, by providing data consumers with access to portal reports (e.g., ERP and CRM)

Experienced business analysts, not technology vendors
Working with RSM will give you peace of mind, because your RSM consultant is a business analyst who's helped companies in almost every industry successfully implement secure SharePoint platforms designed for application development to improve processes and streamline their operations—not simply as repositories for lists and libraries.

And, with RSM, you don't have to look any further for experienced advisors in CRM, GP or other Microsoft platforms. With RSM, you'll find a wealth of knowledge under one roof. We're also happy to help you leverage your SharePoint investment by integrating with other third-party partners like KnowledgeLake for capture and imaging solutions. KnowledgeLake is the market leader in Microsoft SharePoint ECM products and solutions.

Before you choose a partner to help you design the right SharePoint framework for your organization, give RSM a call.

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