Seamless capture and imaging.

KnowledgeLake answers the question: How can our organization save time, money and increase the usefulness of the mountains of critical data we're inundated with on a daily basis?

Using Capture for SharePoint® makes it possible to scan, index, view, search, secure and annotate your organization's most important electronic content and store the documents in SharePoint in TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, searchable PDF and XPS file formats. In addition, KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint allows you to seamlessly interface with SharePoint to access and use all the features of your multi-function printers and production, departmental and desktop scanners.

Best of all, KnowledgeLake solutions are easy to implement and administer—and they're low-risk and cost effective, too. They can significantly reduce the time and expense associated with storing and searching through paper files, which can be temporarily misplaced just when you need them most, or worse yet—lost forever.

Employees will quickly adapt to using KnowledgeLake solutions since they mirror the familiar look and feel of the Microsoft® Office software products they use every day.

KnowledgeLake Capture

  • Makes it easy to scan documents in batches
  • OCR technology allows you to extract metadata from scanned images
  • "Key from image" technology makes it easy for you to apply document metadata
  • With a Web connection, you can securely save documents to SharePoint from anywhere

KnowledgeLake Imaging

  • Enables fast, relevant searches
  • Makes it possible to view and edit common document types from a Web browser
  • Allows you to efficiently index with connectivity to key data from business applications
  • Enables scanning, indexing and document exports directly from SharePoint
  • Includes a software development kit for integration and customization

Why RSM?
We are a long-time partner with KnowledgeLake. In our years of experience implementing SharePoint to manage content and enhance business processes for dynamic, growing companies, KnowledgeLake has proved to be ideal for extending solutions for the capture and management of paper documents and streamlining electronic document management.

Want a seamless system for document imaging and capture? Call RSM.

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