Knowledge Management, Portals and Collaboration Systems

Open windows to your data to help you achieve your strategic objectives.

Today, there should be no need for organizations to experience clogged inboxes, never-ending report requests and employees who can't find answers on complying with their business processes and procedures.

It's a portal world—or it should be
A well-designed portal system reduces data and document management inefficiencies while increasing collaboration, streamlining processes and reducing the costs associated with licensing application users simply so they can access a specific report.

Business analysts who understand your industry and processes
At RSM, we understand your industry and processes. We're a Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft Business Solutions and are well-equipped to assist you with SharePoint and platforms such as Sitecore, CTK and DotNetNuke. We know how to head off problems before they occur because we've helped hundreds of organizations maximize value and increase ROI as they streamline and improve their data management and enhance business process cycle times.

Not all enterprise content management (ECM) systems are created equal or designed to meet your needs. Our experienced team will help you analyze your organization's system interactions to reduce the complexities of integrations and data duplication and to improve operational efficiencies. We'll help you sift through the possibilities and fit you with the right solution. We'll also keep the process of building your business decision support system as simple and clean as possible. Our design approach recognizes and captures the analytical and business intelligence requirements as a part of the design life cycle—not as a post-design activity.

Keen insights, practical suggestions
The RSM team's keen insights and practical suggestions will help you open the windows to your data. You might find that's the breath of fresh air you desperately need.

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