Dashboards, Scorecards and Analytics

Delivering actionable information that increases adoption.

Do you want a report—or do you need to take action?

Today, too many organizations fall victim to business intelligence (BI) implementation processes that result in information that raises new and different questions, requiring more costly BI applications. It is frustrating and expensive. Worst of all, the organizations may never receive the type of actionable information they need to help them achieve their strategic business objectives.

An evolving, platform approach
We approach BI differently, because we understand your need for actionable, interactive information:

  • Dashboards that provide you with easy-to-interpret visual summaries and also enable you to drill down to the smallest details
  • Scorecards that allow you to merge your organization's performance data with that of industry leaders so you can rank and measure your performance —dynamic scorecards that change over time
  • Analytics objects that can be merged to create a scalable, functional analytical report—with an overall summary and the ability to drill down to the minutia

But at RSM, we go one step further and actually teach you how to take action.

First, we gain an understanding of the precise information you need to make decisions. Then, using a proprietary BI framework that incorporates your data integration, data management and business analytics and reporting needs—along with your data and processes, technology and source materials—we design a system your own employees can nurture and grow as needs change. A BI system users will eagerly adopt and use for years to come.

We’ll also help you choose a platform that can meet the needs of even the most highly mobile workforce from among the dynamic solutions available today, including QlikView.

Why RSM?
Your RSM business intelligence consultants are BI mentors—not just application builders. So, if you need more than a report—if you need to take action, we're ready to help.

How can we help you?

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