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Tax reform: An industry-by-industry view

Highlights and insights from our industry leaders


The new tax reform legislation includes numerous provisions that will have more substantial impact on certain industries, including real estate, nonprofit, manufacturing, and more. RSM's industry teams are working closely with our Washington National Tax practice to identify and analyze these provisions. See the most recent insights below, or visit our industry pages for even more discussion on your industry.

Consumer products

Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act

Changes to excise tax and regulatory requirements related to craft beverages provides significant savings, potential for industry growth.

Taxes in 2018: Considerations for an omnichannel sales strategy

Listen as our panelists discuss tax reform and other tax issues important to retailers and suppliers using omnichannel strategies.



Base erosion and anti-abuse tax: Gross receipts calculation

Life sciences companies making payments to related foreign parties should be aware of how to determine the gross receipts calculation.


2018: Tax opportunities and challenges for manufacturers

Listen in as our manufacturing industry insiders share perspectives to help you navigate tax reform and its impact on your business.


Tax reform for exempt organizations

The recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has produced widespread tax law changes for exempt organizations.

Private equity

Private equity fund and portfolio companies: The impact of tax reform

As the tax reform provisions roll out, deal teams have additional tax attribute facets to consider when acquiring or exiting an investment.

Tax reform impact on executives of alternative investment funds

Learn how the recent tax reform affects executives, founders and general partners of alternative investment fund structures.

Real estate & construction

Key tax issues for real estate investors under new tax legislation

For real estate investors and businesses, the final tax reform bill makes several significant changes compared to prior law.

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