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Tax Court holds extension of prepaid forward contract not taxable

Taxpayer recognized no gain when its obligation to deliver shares was delayed; application of decision to other contracts may be limited.


Section 7520 rate drops for March, dip or blip, we'll take it

This slight reprieve in the upward trend of rates keeps the window open for wealth transfer on a gift tax-efficient basis.


ACA penalty on individuals without health insurance still applies

The IRS will process 2016 individual tax returns without health insurance information, but ACA penalties still apply.


Tax Court decision on abusive DISC commissions to Roth IRA overturned

The Sixth Circuit disagreed with the IRS using substance over form to recharacterize DISC dividends as excess Roth IRA contributions.


Section 7520 rate ticks up for January, but that's not the big news

Repeal of the estate tax would have immediate impact on the fundamental components of a business owner’s succession plan.

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