Tax Mergers and Acquisitions

Protecting and maximizing your deal

Whether you are buying or selling, tax issues can complicate every deal. Finding a transaction structure that meets the needs of the buyer and the seller, achieving a step-up in tax basis, and determining whether and how net operating losses, carryforwards and other tax attributes can be utilized are complex issues that need to be addressed.

RSM’s mergers and acquisitions tax professionals understand transactions. We’ve worked on thousands of transactions for large public companies, S corporations, partnerships, family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. We work with companies across a wide range of industries and with diverse strategies and goals. Our professionals know the issues and the solutions.

Because understanding taxes isn’t enough, we won’t rest until we understand your business, your goals, the reasons behind your strategy and your transaction. Only then can we tailor a solution to the tax issues surrounding your transaction that is right for you.

That’s the power of RSM—the Power of Being Understood.

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