Transfer Pricing Services

Transfer pricing can be one of the most significant issues facing domestic and multi-national corporations conducting cross-state or international transactions. Regulations vary by jurisdiction and transaction type, and tax authorities worldwide are keen on ensuring their fair share of tax revenue. The risk of being challenged on transfer pricing practices is an all-too-present reality.

While the penalties can be steep for organizations failing to fulfill the required standards, transfer pricing represents an opportunity. RSM believes transfer pricing can be a tool to help manage your tax exposure, maximize business opportunities and, where appropriate, identify your optimal tax structure.

RSM offers transfer pricing services for every step of growing your business. Our services include:

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Navigating nuances in transfer pricing


Navigating nuances in transfer pricing

On May 19, 2017, Chevron Australia Holdings Pty Ltd. sought special leave to appeal to the High Court of Australia the Full Federal Court’s decision...broader discussions among multinational enterprises on cross-border intercompany financing arrangements under Australian and other jurisdictions’ transfer pricing rules continue as taxpayers face uncertainty.


Implications of Australian tax authority win in transfer pricing case

Australian court sides with government and finds that Chevron’s internal group interest expense was excessive.

How middle market companies can manage the transfer pricing life cycle


How middle market companies can manage the transfer pricing life cycle

From planning to analysis to documentation to implementation, a transfer pricing guide for internationally active middle market companies.


OECD transfer pricing documentation guidance impacts US multinationals

BEPS Action Item 13 provides new guidance for transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting for US multinationals.