Credits and Incentives

An extra return on your investments

RSM's credits and incentives team provides a broad range of services to help clients identify and secure credits and incentives across the full spectrum of federal, state and local programs. We can help you evaluate each of the areas that trigger opportunity:

  • People – including hiring, retaining and training incentives
  • Investments – including research and development tax credits, state investment credits, renewable energy incentives and certain real estate investment incentives
  • Operations – including a variety of energy and sustainability programs, manufacturing and production incentives, and excise tax exemptions and credits

In addition to the many statutory programs that exist, there are often opportunities to negotiate incentive packages that may combine statutory, discretionary and custom incentives. We help our clients build credits and incentives investigation into their strategic process because these opportunities are often lost if you don't pursue them before you begin your activities.

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Are you leaving research tax credit money on the table?

Are you leaving research tax credit money on the table?

The research tax credit is a valuable tax savings opportunity. Ensure your business benefits by knowing the activity that may qualify.

4 questions to ask when adding new employees

4 questions to ask when adding new employees

A growing workforce requires human resources, payroll and tax to work together. Learn risks and opportunities that come with new employees.

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Don't forget the tax benefits of certain capital investments

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