RSM Sponsorships

June 2017

  • 39th Annual TEI Regions IC and X Conference
  • Select USA Investment Summit
  • IPT Manufacturing Workshop

July 2017

  • IPT Annual Conference

September 2017

  • 2017 CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention

June 2017

39th Annual TEI Regions IC and X Conference, June 18-21

Patti Burquest will speak at TEI’s 39th Annual Regions IC and X Conference taking place June 18 – 21 in Las Vegas, NV.

Patti Burquest


Patti has extensive experience handling IRS examination and appeals matters for all types of business. Reach her at

Areas of focus: Tax ControversyWashington National Tax

Select USA Investment Summit, June 18-20

Rob Calafell and John Miller will be speaking at this RSM sponsored event taking place June 18-20 in Washington, DC.

Rob Calafell


Rob consults with businesses on state credit and incentive opportunities. Contact him at

Areas of focus: Credits and IncentivesState and Local Tax

Jon Miller


Jon consults with businesses on a range of sales and use tax issues, with a focus on sales tax automation. Contact him at

Areas of focus: Sales and Use Tax AutomationState and Local Tax

 IPT Manufacturing Workshop, June 20

Todd Hendricks will present at the workshop in Ann Arbor, MI on June 20

Todd Hendricks

Senior Manager

July 2017

IPT Annual Conference, July 9-12

RSM is proud to sponsor the IPT Annual Conference taking place July 9-12 in Charlotte, NC.

September 2017

     2017 CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention, September 24-27

RSM is a sponsor of the 2017 CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention at Wharton taking place September 24-27 in Philadelphia, PA. Don Susswein will be a presenter at the tax policy update workshop. 

Don Susswein