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Real tax savings aren’t achieved at just the federal, international, state or local levels – they are realized through a disciplined, integrated approach that anticipates how each tax challenge informs all others to deliver real savings for your company.

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Tax Reform

Tax Reform

The tax rules affecting businesses change frequently. Stay current on tax reform and regulatory changes that may impact business growth.

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Ohio Supreme Court rules on supplemental executive retirement plans

Ohio decision is reminder to understand tax implications of supplemental executive retirement plan income at the local jurisdiction level.

Plan ahead Illinois


Plan ahead Illinois "Invest in Kids Act" offers generous tax credits

Illinois' Invest in Kids Act provides favorable corporate and individual income tax credits for qualified contributions to scholarship granting organizations—including nonprofits that use at least 95 percent of the contributions for scholarships to lower income elementary or high school students.



Lower "willfulness" standard applied for heightened FBAR penalties

A recent case, reaffirms the government’s interest in pursuing the higher willfulness penalty in cases involving failure to disclose foreign bank accounts on the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Account (FBAR or FinCEN 114).

IRS allows leave-based donation programs for Hurricane Maria relief


IRS allows leave-based donation programs for Hurricane Maria relief

Employer leave-based donation programs let employees forgo personal leave in exchange for cash payments to charities for hurricane relief.


2017 year-end planning guide

Review legislative changes and other tax concerns that affect 2017 tax compliance and how to plan for 2018. Download our guide.

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