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The reality of the threat facing hedge funds through cyber attack

Cyber attacks are a clear and present danger


The threat of cyber attacks has not been overblown—they are a real and growing threat for hedge funds. Because of the nature of the customer data that financial services companies hold, they are a key target for cyber criminals. What should your fund understand about managing today's cyber threats? Be Prepared, a Q&A with RSM cybersecurity and hedge fund professionals Daimon Goepfert and Alan Alzfan highlights key cybersecurity issues confronting hedge funds today, including:

  • The scope of the cyber threat
  • How to identify and secure key data
  • Cybersecurity issues that present particular danger to hedge funds
  • Key issues for your cybersecurity audit
  • Cybersecurity best practices

Every member of an organization needs to be properly trained to protect proprietary data; all employees must understand they are an important part of the overall security plan. It only takes one incident to cost an investment company not only a lot of time and money but also reputational risk that can have a severe impact on the trust of current and future investors. Download the HFMWeek Cyber Security & Risk 2015 report to understand the key points that all fund and risk managers should consider to guard against these attacks.


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