Auditor Assistant: Internal Audit Software

Performing Your Audit Engagements

Auditor Assistant provides real-time functionality for your audit activity to identify, analyze, evaluate and document factual information prudent to achieving the engagement’s objectives. Engagement teams will be able to sign off on workpapers and maintain a full version history of workpaper updates.

Auditor Assistant functionality allows you to:

Documenting Information

  • Restrict the ability to create/update information based on defined staff
  • Document process narratives or flowcharts
  • Execute the work program and include testing documentation and supporting workpapers
  • Document testing results and identify reportable and non-reportable issues
  • Assign multiple action plans to reportable issues, identifying responsible managers and implementation dates

Engagement Supervision

  • Create and track review notes assigned to staff as part of the review process
  • Provide multiple levels of approvals
  • Prohibit the closing of engagements before approvals are completed


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