Auditor Assistant: Internal Audit Software

Monitoring the Progress of Your Follow-up Process

Monitoring the disposition of audit/engagement results communicated to management is important to ensure action plans are effectively implemented or senior management has accepted the risk of not taking action. Auditor Assistant provides you with the tools to follow-up on the disposition of results while providing ownership of issues to the responsible business managers.

Auditor Assistant functionality allows you to:

Issue Tracking

  • Centralize all audit findings from completed audits and entity-level risk assessments into one repository to more easily track issue resolution
  • Seamlessly track external issues from external auditors,
    regulators, etc.

Responsible Manager Access

  • Restrict access to issues based on client-defined security requirements
  • Provide updates on the status of the Responsible Managers’ action plans, provide additional issue information, request issue extensions and request issue closure via the Issue Tracking Web interface

Summary E-mail Notifications

  • Provide Follow-up Auditors with e-mail updates when Responsible Managers submit issue updates
  • Deliver e-mail notifications to Follow-up Auditors and Responsible Managers with summary of upcoming and past-due issues on defined intervals (monthly)


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