Board Evaluation

An advanced technology enabled solution for
forward-thinking companies

Today’s challenging business climate demands strong, forward-thinking leadership to ensure both short and long term results. Recent corporate governance failures have heightened regulatory and public attention on board performance. Evolving business models that are blurring both corporate and national boundaries and continuing advancements in technology mean new opportunities, new strategies and new risks – all of which require the oversight and console of knowledgeable and effective boards. In this environment, every board must continue to learn and improve and focus on the full range of issues that do or may impact the organization.

Together with the Center for Board Excellence, we offer a new paradigm for board evaluation – a streamlined, customizable suite of proprietary Web-based tools that help your board uncover insights into every aspect of its performance, benchmark results and track improvement on a regular basis, transforming board evaluation efforts from ad hoc, one-time affairs into a strategic process for continuous improvement with perspective and guidance built by seasoned board member veterans.

Board Evaluation Insights

Entrepreneurial leadership as a model for board performance

Today’s leading boards are embracing entrepreneurial leadership, continuous improvement.

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