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Get the deal you bargained for with the help of a contract risk and compliance audit.

You spent significant time and resources negotiating the best deal you could with your vendors. But are you actually paying or receiving according to agreed-upon terms and conditions? The answer is often no. This is why you might benefit from a contract risk and compliance audit.

Today’s contract terms and costs are frequently highly complex and difficult to interpret, monitor or verify, based on the information included in billings and reporting. There are numerous areas for potential recovery, especially if your organization has complex contracts or royalty agreements, staff without specific contract expertise or processes large numbers of invoices. Whether you’re paying in excess of the agreed terms, or your licensees aren’t accurately reporting, you may be leaving substantial amounts of money on the table.

Our contract risk and compliance services help you identify overpayments you make and underpayment by your licensees - helping ensure you receive the benefit of your bargains. Often, the cost of our contract compliance audits are covered by what they find.

Contract risk and compliance services include:

Contact RSM for a contract risk and compliance review to ensure that you’re paying what you should be, and not a penny more.

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