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RSM’s litigation and dispute resolution services provide critical support to businesses involved in complex disputes. Whether your dispute involves lost profits, reasonable royalties or diminution in asset and business valuation, our litigation and dispute advisory specialists have decades of experience assisting counsel and evaluating the impact on business value. From damages assessments to expert witness testimony, we provide the financial insight and analysis necessary to help you build a credible case.

Services include:

Litigation and Dispute Advisory Insights


Data analytics is a powerful fraud prevention and policy enforcement tool

Data analytics should be a key weapon in every company’s fraud protection arsenal. Learn how companies can use that data to identify fraud.

  • Victor Padilla


Attaining Reasonable Certainty in Economic Damages Calculations

Learn how recent AICPA guidance helps practitioners attain reasonable certainty in their damage calculations.

  • Jeff Long


Post-closing disputes: Key issues and how to avoid them

Learn how to avoid post-closing disputes that can derail promising transactions and result in increased costs, strained relationships and litigation.

  • Patrick Chylinski, John Tira


White Collar Crime

In a perfect world, a fraud investigation follows a methodical process. The book, White Collar Crime, equips you to deal with a fraud investigation in the real world. It follows a flexible approach and relies on the authors’ valuable fraud investigation and FBI forensics experience in dealing with the prosecution of white-collar criminals.

  • Bruce Bush, Patrick Chylinski


Valuation issues in dissenting shareholder cases

Learn how case law in numerous jurisdictions affects valuation issues in dissenting shareholder cases.

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