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2016 Global Corruption Law Compliance Survey

Insights from the middle-market


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Today, more middle market companies than ever before are doing business on a global stage. While most executives have become more knowledgeable about global mandates prohibiting corrupt activities, the ever-changing puzzle of regulatory and enforcement trends makes it difficult for these leaders to effectively navigate an often-turbulent international business climate. 

With these issues in mind, RSM recently gathered feedback from leading middle market executives as part of its 2016 Global Corruption Law Compliance Survey. This detailed analysis covered three key themes, including fraud awareness and leadership perspectives, fraud prevention practices and investigative readiness, and whistleblower/fraud reporting issues. Our survey respondents offered compelling feedback on fraud and corruption topics, including their perceptions of such activity among competitors and attitudes about what practices are most difficult to address in their own companies. 

Read the full report, which we hope will serve as a useful resource to help your company benchmark its efforts in the fight against global bribery and corrupt activity. 


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