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Investors around the world are searching intensively for yield, and this is driving interest in real estate, particularly in properties located in the United States. For a number of reasons, international investors see the United States as a very desirable place to put capital.

In this Privcap video series, Aureon Herron-Hinds, senior manager in RSM’s international tax practice, Sean Bannon of Zurich Alternative Asset Management and Peter Merrigan of Taurus Investment Holdings discuss the evolving nature of global real estate, noting that:

  • U.S. real estate is attracting strong interest from international investors
  • The profile of the global real estate investor is changing
  • Fund managers who take foreign investment face a series of challenges
  • The outlook for global investment is positive
  • The regulatory climate should continue unchanged

Watch the videos below, or download the video briefing, to learn more about the current and future investor environment for global real estate.


Trends in global real estate investment

In this Privcap video, specialists discuss the current state of global capital flows and how they affect real estate investment.


The big challenges for global real estate investors

In this Privcap video, specialists discuss the challenges of structuring investment deals with offshore investors.


What's ahead for global real estate

In this Privcap video, specialists discuss what the future holds in store for outlook of the global and U.S. real estate market.


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