Pension Funds and Advisors, Endowments and Foundations Services

We provide a variety of services for hundreds of private and public real estate entities nationwide with varying revenue and asset sizes. We have a particular commitment to the public sector industry, serving thousands of public sector entities on a yearly basis. Because of this specialized support, we create meaningful value for our clients through better advice, more efficient audit processes and real insight. Our various skill sets include:

  • Tax strategies for exempt entities. Having worked with large state pension funds and other tax exempt pension and college endowment funds with large real estate holdings, our professionals have in-depth experience with federal and state tax compliance.
  • Investment audit and tax experience. Our clients include alternative investment companies, investment advisors, broker-dealers, futures commission merchants, hedge funds and commodity pools and proprietary trading firms. Our staff understands the valuation of derivatives, options, swaps, real estate and other non-traditional investments.
  • Public retirement plan audit experience. We have a dedicated employee benefit plan practice with a large group of professionals committed to auditing pension plans. Our professionals have audited public employee retirement systems with billions of dollars in assets and complex investment vehicles including securities lending transactions, private placements, real estate and derivatives.

How can we help you?

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