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Cybersecurity: Lessons learned, lessons to learn


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Despite all the rumblings from regulators and others about the importance of cybersecurity in recent years, the idea of fortifying the private equity firm’s information networks from hackers or unauthorized personnel is still a relatively new challenge for the private equity community. As information security best practices develop, private equity general partners (GPs) have been left wondering what a minimum level of cybersecurity readiness looks like, where it can be taken further and who can help them get there.

In this article featured in Private Funds Management, a panel of private equity and information security professionals seek to answer these questions. From the traps hidden in cybersecurity insurance policies to a rundown of common mistakes private equity GPs still commit when planning their incident response plans, their conversation provides the industry with a useful snapshot of where GPs’ cybersecurity readiness stands today and where it needs to go in the time to come.


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