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Powerhouses of private equity: Insights from the best minds in finance


Up close and personal

In partnership with Privcap, we are excited to share with you the Powerhouses of private equity quarterly video series. RSM's national private equity services leader, Don Lipari, sits down with fund founders and managers, as well as other movers and shakers in the investment community, to discuss a wide range of topics.


This series uniquely captures insights and compelling stories from leading investors and deal-makers.


Powerhouses in PE: Howard Newman's Serendipitous Success

Pine Brook CEO Howard Newman is up close and personal with RSM's Don Lipari to share his thoughts and insights on a wide array of topics.

  • March 20, 2018


Powerhouses in private equity: Leveraging innovation, creating value

From deal difficulty to mega-fund success, Arsenal Capital Partners' Terrance Mullen is up close and personal with RSM's Don Lipari.


Powerhouses in private equity: An interview with Permira's Tom Lister

Permira’s Tom Lister shares an overview of his career and firm in a three-part video interview with RSM's private equity leader Don Lipari.


Jay Jordan of The Jordan Company

This fourth installment of the Powerhouses in private equity series features a candid conversation between RSM's Don Lipari and Jay Jordan.


A career built on emotional intelligence

As co-CEO of The Riverside Company, Stewart Kohl's ability to connect with people has driven his career in private equity.


Carlyle's mid-market team: We have a mega advantage

Carlyle’s Rodney Cohen discusses his multi–sector approach, how he looks for value opportunities and what keeps him up at night.


Audax Group's Rehnert: What I've Learned

Audax Group co-founder Geoff Rehnert shares an overview of his career and the changing nature of the private equity landscape.

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