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In domestic and global markets, the challenges can be especially daunting for middle-market manufacturers. Internal resources may not have enough familiarity with some issues that are critical to the needs of the company. But a closer look can often be the bridge that changes those challenges into opportunities. Below are the key issues impacting the manufacturing industry. 

Key Industry Issues

Revenue growth and profitability

Revenue growth and profitability

In today's complex marketplace, product innovation and customer relationships play important roles in profitability.



An effective technology strategy is vital to driving innovation and growth.

International expansion

International expansion

Understanding the challenges of international taxation, business culture and regulatory issues can facilitate effective global operations.

Process improvement and margin management

Process improvement and margin management

To protect profit margin in today’s quickly changing world, knowing how to maximize productivity and improve efficiency is a must.

Risk management

Risk management

In a challenging global environment, manufacturers must strive to minimize their risks.

Policy issues

Policy issues

Staying on top of new policies and regulations is critical to preserving compliance integrity.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, success depends on sound planning and preparation.



As businesses grow, workforce needs to grow with it.

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