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Will holiday season be bright for middle market retailers?


Holiday retail sales will likely show a 3 to 4 percent gain this year, registering a solid overall increase, but how does this promising outlook translate to middle market retailers? Further still, how are consumer buying preferences affecting the shopping season and what should retailers do to meet their diverse needs, while also staying profitable?

Our RSM industry insiders, Carol Lapidus, consumer products industry practice leader, John Nicolopoulos, retail and restaurant sector leader, and Joe Brusuelas, chief economist, provide some keen insights for retailers to consider in the following videos. From millennials’ fondness for experiential gifts to shoppers in general looking for bargains and discounts, learn about the various trends and considerations in play for this holiday season.

Holiday outlook

With in-store and online sales expected to be on the rise, how should retailers prepare for the holiday shopping season? Being smart about inventory and discounting are two strategic areas to focus on.

Buyer behavior

How has consumer buying behavior changed as we enter the holiday shopping season, and what will consumers buy? Food, travel, experiences and fashion are all part of the buying mix.


What can middle market retailers do to boost their profitability this season? Building customer loyalty is essential.


Holiday retail spending to show online surge

Holiday retail spending to show online surge

Holiday retail sales will likely show a solid 3.4 percent overall gain this year

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