Retailers must learn to use technology to their advantage. They should develop ways to sort through the vast amounts of data to identify trends, understand customer needs and wants, both today and into the future, and to create robust sales and marketing strategies based on facts. In addition to big data, retailers also must ensure that technology is an enabler for efficient operations related to sourcing and managing inventory, payments, security and more.

4 ways grocery retail operations can stay ahead of the pack

Learn ways enterprise resource planning provides a competitive edge in a dramatically shifting grocery retail marketplace.

Why “OK” is costing retailers

Retailers operating the status quo in business practices and IT systems could be missing out on higher sales and improved brand loyalty.

The new financial frontier for retail

Learn how successful retail CFOs are using technology strategies to drive customer engagement and overall growth.

2016 retail outlook: Trends and technologies impacting top retailers

An in-depth report of the top industry and technology trends impacting the retail industry in 2016.

The future of retail: The cloud, Internet of Things and Dynamics AX

This short video explores how leveraging the cloud and streamlining data are key for retailers.

2016 Retail industry update, part 1

As retail companies implement plans to succeed in 2016, many revolve around leveraging new and emerging technologies.

The cash register is dying: How mobile POS solutions are changing retail

Mobility has transformed the way many companies do business, and that change is rapidly making its way to the retail sector.

How retail CFOs leverage technology to optimize growth

Learn how increasing technology utilization can help retail CFOs overcome challenges and achieve unprecedented growth and success.

30 facts about retail ERP implementation you need to know

Learn how real retail organizations leverage their ERP systems to help save money, increase efficiency and enhance shopping experiences.

5 pillars of retail growth

Retailers, use technology to harness best practices and gain a competitive advantage.

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