Customer relationships

Consumers are no longer brand or channel loyal. Successful retailers must rely on new methods to secure customers, both domestically and internationally. While most retailers have spent decades developing and adjusting their in-store strategies, digital strategy has only come into the forefront in recent years. Savvy retailers win by focusing on the customer experience regardless of where, when and how customer engagement occurs. Rather than trying to make all channels equal, retailers should work to understand the value of each channel for what it is and leverage the channel for the value it can bring to the experience.

The new retail: Brick and mortar re-envisioned

RSM industry leaders share insights on how retailers must re-envision the traditional store to meet customer needs, and stay profitable too.

Retailers must be mindful of gift card tax pitfalls

Retailers should assess gift card procedures including an annual review of reporting, sales tax, unclaimed property and more.

Ralph Lauren: Getting back on the pony

Learn how Ralph Lauren is working to improve their customer reach, build brand equity and drive profitable growth.

Driving innovation for long-term growth

Innovation can help retailers boost customer reach and drive growth.

From plastic to personal: What’s next for loyalty programs?

Learn the importance of aligning shopping incentives with brand and authenticity to boost consumer confidence and connection.

Adapting to tomorrow's consumer

Retailers must maintain their focus on target and future customers and thoroughly understand their preferences.

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Consumer products issues and insights 2016–2017 webcast series

  • December 13, 2016


PCI compliance for consumer products companies

  • June 24, 2015


John Nicolopoulos 
National Retail and Restaurant Sector Leader