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2016 retail outlook: Trends and technologies impacting top retailers


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There is an industry and technology-related revolution happening for retailers. Consumers are clearly in the driver’s seat – with a democratization of connection and access to products and services like never before. Retailers are challenged to deliver the most seamless, engaging experiences for those customers. And the technology to do so is ever-changing.

Against this dynamic and almost historic backdrop, how can today’s retailers keep pace and stay competitive? Download the white paper to understand the expected financial, operational and technological impacts to retailers in 2016 - as consumers connect to brand information at any moment in time, on any device and without prohibitive cost.

  • The top industry and technology trends and takeaways from 2015
  • The technology trends that are driving retail forward in 2016
          - Digital technologies – Kiosks, tablets, mPOS and more
          - Emerging technologies – Biometric wearables, advanced beacon technology
          - Enterprise technology – Building a foundation that’s updated and flexible

  •  The Consumer of Tomorrow
           - Millennials – How to sell to them in the Internet of Things age
           - Channels – Why you need to further blur the lines
           - Data and security – The risks, implications and rewards of business intelligence
           - Associates to advocates – How to tap into your most valuable selling resource 

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