United States

SEC seeks comment on Regulation S-K business and financial disclosures


As part of its Disclosure Effectiveness Initiative, the SEC recently issued a Concept Release, Business and Financial Disclosure Required by Regulation S-K, to seek comment on modernizing certain business and financial disclosures registrants provide in their periodic reports. The scope of the release does not include other disclosure requirements in Regulation S-K, such as executive compensation and governance, or the required disclosures for foreign private issuers, business development companies or other categories of registrants. Among other matters, the release discusses:

  • What financial and business information should be required
  • Whether any requirements are appropriate to scale for smaller registrants
  • How registrants can most effectively present the information to improve its usefulness to investors

The SEC welcomes comments from investors, registrants and other market participants on any concerns related to the Regulation S-K business and financial disclosures.