United States

Electronic filing of broker-dealer annual reports with the SEC


Historically broker-dealers and over-the-counter (OTC) derivative dealers have been required to file annual and supplemental reports with the SEC in paper form under Rules 17a-5 and 17a-12, respectively. Recently, the SEC’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system (EDGAR) has been configured to receive broker-dealer and OTC derivatives-dealer annual and supplemental reports filed under those rules electronically. Consequently, broker-dealer and OTC derivatives dealers have the option of filing their annual and supplemental reports electronically through the EDGAR system in lieu of filing them in paper form. By filing electronically, broker-dealers will avoid the uncertainties, delay, possible processing errors and expense related to the physical delivery of multiple paper copies of the annual reports and, upon filing, will receive instantaneous confirmation that the filings were received. To file the reports electronically, broker-dealers and OTC derivatives dealers will need to request EDGAR log-in credentials in advance using the instructions found in Subsection 3.3.1, “Becoming an EDGAR Filer – Current Paper Only Filer” in Volume I of the EDGAR Filer Manual.