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Yahoo spinoff poses more questions than answers

The Yahoo spinoff of its Alibaba stock questions whether the technical requirements of section 355 will be met and how the value will be maximized.

  • Gruidl, Nick
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The trouble with fee waivers

The IRS has proposed new rules on fee waivers. What do the rules say, what do they mean, and what uncertainties remain?

  • Musi, Gennaro
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Election impact on tax policy

President-elect Trump and the House Republicans believe that tax reform is essential. Expect tax reform to be a central focus in early 2017.

  • Kautter, Dave
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Tax Blog

Musings on the great US tax debate

Businesses across the country, and no doubt around the world, are watching the upcoming U.S. election very closely. Despite the personal attacks ...

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Tax reform, even if enacted, may disappoint

Even if tax reform comes to pass, it may not have the positive effects on economic growth and tax simplification that many hope for.

  • Susswein, Don
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