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Live Webcast

Are you ready to adopt ASC 842?

This webcast will highlight key steps and best practices for implementation of new lease accounting standard (ASC 842).

Recorded Webcast

2018’s impact on your corporation

An executive briefing for corporate leaders, audit committee and board members addressing key financial and governance issues for 2018.

  • Deiso, Phyllis
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White Paper

Simplifying the test for goodwill impairment

Our white paper includes information about the simplified goodwill impairment test, which no longer requires Step 2 to be performed.

  • Dombrowski, Robert
  • |

Insight Article

Cybersecurity risks to employee benefit plans

Increasingly, benefit plans are being targeted by hackers. But companies can take steps to protect themselves and their participants.

  • Carroll, Eric
  • |

Financial Reporting Insights

FASB issues proposed amendments to ASC 842

The FASB recently proposed amendments to address certain difficulties encountered in implementing ASU 2016-02, Leases (ASC 842).