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Insight Article

2014 RSM Distribution Monitor report

According to the 2014 Distribution Monitor, most distributors expect an increase in domestic sales, employment and profits in the coming year.

Insight Article


The 2014 Monitor report takes an in-depth look at the reasons behind the success of thriving and innovative companies in the industry.

Tax Alert

Illinois Manufacturer's Purchase Credit

The Illinois manufacturer’s purchase credit provides a tax credit for certain machinery and equipment purchases. Claims must be filed by June 30.

  • Kolosky, Bob
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Manufacturing Insights

Does an IC-DISC make sense?

Manufacturers who do not currently have an IC-DISC should assess the potential benefits of using one. Learn about the benefits here.

White Paper

FATCA for nonfinancial businesses

The passage of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act will affect virtually every U.S. company that transacts business with non-U.S. customers.

  • Camacho, Ramon
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Manufacturing Insights

Manufacturing Insights

Manufacturing Insights addresses the daily challenges facing manufacturers and distributors as well as strategic planning initiatives.