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Justifying the use of a third-party IT vendor

How do you justify using a third party, when we can do it ourselves? Doesn't the math always make it cheaper to do it in house?

  • Churchill, Christina
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Insight Article

Pragmatic innovation: Is it an oxymoron?

Innovation differentiates successful businesses, and a pragmatic approach can identify transformational opportunities at a manageable cost.

  • Klimkowski, Jim
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White Paper

Reinventing your finance tech stack

Many finance and accounting organizations are taking ownership of their technology applications to gain rapid value and increase efficiency.

  • Emerling, Peter
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Recorded Webcast

The finance revolution

Learn the characteristics and capabilities of leading finance organizations and how your company can apply these concepts.

  • Cashin, James
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Insight Article

The importance of IT health checks

This article discusses the importance of conducting information technology (IT) health checks at your organization on a regular basis.

  • Wetmore, Chris
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