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Compliance News

CFPB issues additional HMDA guidance

CFPB issues document to give financial institutions examples of HMDA data and reporting as well as factual scenarios.

Compliance News

Increased focus on SCRA enforcement

Department of Justice unveils pilot program to increase SCRA enforcement. Learn about the efforts it will support.

White Paper

Cryptocurrency: An investor's Q and A

Many investors question whether to consider cryptocurrency as a distinct and prudent asset class. This Q&A addresses the currency’s risks.

RSM Services

Business Development Companies

Business development companies (BDCs) help drive the economy by providing small, growing businesses access to capital.

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Hedge Funds

...With experience handling more than 1,500 investment funds (including hedge funds, fund of funds, commodity pools, and private equity funds), we...

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Small Business Investment Companies

...SBIC funds can be an attractive source of low-cost capital to invest in lower middle-market businesses. Whether a private equity fund is...

RSM Services


RSM’s insurance practice was built on the foundation of providing a better alternative for growing insurance companies.

Insight Article

NAIC Summer 2016 National Meeting update

Cybersecurity, investment issues and reinsurance are some of the challenges examined at NAIC Summer 2016 National Meeting. Learn more.


Trends in business development companies

Join us at the Nasdaq MarketSite to network with colleagues and hear discussion about the latest issues affecting business development companies.

Financial Institutions Insights

Financial Institutions Insights

A bi-monthly publication, Financial Institutions Insights delivers news and information critical to community banking professionals.

Investment Industry Insights

Investment Industry Insights

Timely accounting, tax and regulatory news focused on the asset management and brokerage industries to help navigate a global environment.

Investment Industry Insights

Tax benefits of managed futures

Investing in managed futures carries significant tax benefits. Learn more about a lesser-known provision buried in Internal Revenue Code section 1256.

RSM Services

Asset Management

We bring together our industry professionals and extensive experience to provide advice and guidance to broker-dealers across the nation.