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Hire an independent consultant

This video clip examines why hiring an entity to handle retirement plan fiduciary responsibilities can reduce liability.


Implement prudent procedures

This video clip examines how ERISA defines prudence, the procedural prudence process and the importance of implementation.


Know if you are a fiduciary

This video clip examines what a plan fiduciary is, how to limit fiduciary liability; and proposed DOL fiduciary rules.


Understand your fees

This video clip examines participant fee disclosures, fee levelization and the importance of understanding your plan's cost.


Conduct self-audits

This video clip examines the importance of conducting self-audits to make sure your plan is being administered in accordance of ERISA.


Comply with ERISA 404(c)

This video clip examines protections provided by ERISA 404(c), eligibility rules and the importance of complying with them.