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Buy-Side Due Diligence

Buy-side due diligence analyzes and validates the financial, operational and strategic aspects of the deal. Learn more about buy-side due diligence...

RSM Services

Sell-Side Due Diligence

Organizations involved in an acquisition use sell-side due diligence to increase their buyer's trust. Learn how you can benefit from sell-side due ...

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International buyer beware

The rapid growth of foreign investments into the United States requires international buyers to take a different approach to due diligence.

  • Bloom, Mark
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Strategies for Successful Merger Integration

The majority of acquisitions fail to deliver on their expected value. If your company is considering a merger, find out what strategies you can ...

  • Cashin, James
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Investing in the Energy Bottleneck

How will the coming deregulation of the U.S. energy industry begin a private capital investment wave? Two specialists share their thoughts.