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Microsoft Dynamics Community News

Support Lifecycle Reminders

Microsoft's support lifecycle policy states that Mainstream Support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 will end Oct. 9, 2012. Microsoft will provide ...

Microsoft Dynamics Community News

Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics SL

...Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics SL It's been a few months since this release has hit the market and many of you are thinking about upgrading to...

Microsoft Dynamics Community News

Training schedule

Get updated training, tips and other insights related to Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics Community News

Year-End Reminders

...Year-End Reminders It’s that time of year again when we need to start planning for year-end. Below is a tentative timeline that includes target...

Microsoft Dynamics Community News

Using Power BI to light up Dynamics

Power BI offers a powerful set of tools for reporting and analysis. Explore how the functionality enhances Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications.

Microsoft Dynamics Community News

What’s new for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

RSM will be conducting webinars on a particular feature new to Dynamics GP 2015. Find out which product innovations with be highlighted.

Technology Bulletin

Becoming a digital enterprise

Streamline operations, make better business decisions and impact your bottom line by becoming a digital enterprise.

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