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Recorded Webcast

Compliance with the Affordable Care Act

Is your company ready to comply with ACA provisions that take effect in 2015? Join us to hear the latest on the ACA and Capitol Hill activity.

  • Bailine, Rick
  • |


The trouble with fee waivers

The IRS has proposed new rules on fee waivers. What do the rules say, what do they mean, and what uncertainties remain?

  • Musi, Gennaro
  • |

Tax Alert

Senate rejects health care reform bill

The Senate has blocked Republican efforts to modify the Affordable Care Act by voting against a health care reform bill.

  • Harris, Jill
  • |

Tax Alert

Tax reform process continues

Tax reform discussions continue despite the ongoing efforts to find consensus on a repeal or replacement of the Affordable Care Act.

  • Bushman, Anne
  • |

Tax Alert

New Appeals virtual conference

Internal Revenue Service announces pilot of web-based virtual conference option for taxpayers in Appeals conferences.

  • Burquest, Patti
  • |

White Paper

Can the IRS enforce the individual mandate?

The new penalty for not buying health insurance may be unenforceable, threatening the solvency of the insurance markets. Can this problem be fixed?

  • Susswein, Don
  • |

Insight Article

Election impact on tax policy

President-elect Trump and the House Republicans believe that tax reform is essential. Expect tax reform to be a central focus in early 2017.

  • Kautter, Dave
  • |