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Triggering change: Brexit fallout

RSM US chief economist Joe Brusuelas describes the economic landscape following the UK's vote to leave the European Union.

  • Brusuelas, Joe
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Foreign exchange transaction services

Learn the benefits of analyzing your foreign exchange transactions and hidden costs to enable an actionable strategy for EBITDA improvement.

Investment Industry Insights

Further signs of venture capital

Further signs of venture capital contraction are clear in the latest quarterly fundraising report from the National Venture Capital Association and...

  • Kothari, Hitesh
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Financial Institutions Insights

Is an SEC exam inevitable?

Alternative investment firms are on high alert about when, not if, SEC is going to perform an examination. An expert panel offers their perspectives.

  • Sanderson, Colin
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Case Study

Private Equity Tax Solutions

Private equity tax solutions are plentiful, if you know where to look. Learn how RSM found $9 million in tax incentives for a private equity firm.

Case Study

M&A Deal Negotiation

Read about RSM's recent M&A deal negotiation that helped a client reduce the purchase price of an acquisition by $4 million in this case study.

Insight Article

Maximizing your exit value

Whether selling your business or going public, for private equity firms a successful exit is a complex process. Preparation is key.

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