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Financial Reporting Insights

GASB proposes implementation guidance

A recent Exposure Draft provides guidance to clarify certain Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statements.

Financial Reporting Insights

Federal hurricane guidance

Federal agencies may individually issue guidance to provide short-term relief from certain Uniform Guidance requirements.

Financial Reporting Insights

OMB issues 2016 Compliance Supplement

At the end of July, the Office of Management and Budget issued the long-awaited <i>2016 Compliance Supplement</i>.

Financial Reporting Insights

Updated Data Collection Form issued

A new Data Collection Form is to be used for single audits of fiscal periods beginning on or after December 26, 2014.

Financial Reporting Insights

GASB issues guidance addressing pension issues

The GASB recently issued guidance addressing practice issues raised during implementation of its pension accounting and financial reporting standards.

Financial Reporting Insights

GASB Implementation Guide No. 2016-1

The GASB has issued an implementation guide that primarily addresses questions regarding certain of its recently issued standards.

Financial Reporting Insights

GASB survey of financial statement preparers

Governments are invited to participate in a GASB survey regarding activities related to preparing and publishing an audited annual financial report.

Financial Reporting Insights

GASB Implementation Guide No. 2015-1

GASB Implementation Guide No. 2015-1 provides guidance that clarifies, explains or elaborates on GASB Statements and Interpretations.

Financial Reporting Insights

Tax abatement disclosures

GASB Statement No. 77 requires disclosure of certain tax abatement information.

Financial Reporting Insights

GASB revises GAAP hierarchy

GASB Statement 76 simplifies the hierarchy of generally accepted accounting principles for state and local governments.

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New uniform grant requirements

Upcoming changes to federal grant and award compliance requirements and what your organization needs to know

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Technology update for the public sector

Join us for a discussion on emerging technology issues in the public sector and discover ways you can develop a plan to address your data challenges.

State and Local Government

...State and local governments are being challenged by a broader range of constituencies to deliver more transparency, efficiency and accountability...