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April 2017

ABL Advisor, Dopkins Joins RSM US Alliance, 04/24/2017

Boston Business Journal, Unprecedented period of accounting change – is your organization prepared?, Rick Day of RSM US LLP, 04/23/2017

Privcap, The Risks of a WeWork Tenant, David Snow, 04/21/2017

San Francisco Business Journal, How to modernize your finance organization, Christina Churchill of RSM US LLP, 04/19/2017

Baltimore Business Journal, Low-yield environment spurs Asian investment in U.S. real estate, Michael Schwartz of RSM US LLP, 04/19/2017

Advanced Manufacturing, DMG Mori Previews Its Future Strategy, 04/18/2017

Privcap, When IT Upgrades Go Smoothly (or Don’t), 04/14/2017

Bloomberg BNA, North Dakota Digital Sales Tax Enacted With Postponed Date, Jennifer McLoughlin, 04/12/2017

U.S. News & World Report, 4 Reasons to Be Worried About the Economy, Simon Constable, 04/11/2017

Benzinga, March Jobs Miss ‘More Noise Than Signal,’ Elizabeth Balboa, 04/07/2017

Privcap, Investing in ‘Creative’ Office Space, David Snow, 04/07/2017

Silicon Valley Business Journal, Cloud technology offers advantages to middle-market companies, Lee Voigt of RSM US LLP, 04/05/2017

Baltimore Business Journal, Benchmarking can improve construction company performance, Steve Kirn of RSM US LLP, 04/05/2017, New Commodity ETFs Might Raise The Eyebrows Of Advisors, Michael Thrasher, 04/05/2017

NYSE, MLPS & The New Administration: What’s on the Horizon, 04/04/2017

News Dog, Six ERP Security Risks to Watch, 04/04/2017

Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, America’s Middle Market Posts Record-High Growth, Quarterly Index Shows, Anastasia Lowenthal, 04/03/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 tips for filing your personal income tax return as we get closer to April 18 (Yes, April 18 this year), Matt Talcoff of RSM US LLP, 04/02/2017

POLITICO, White House throws itself into uncertain tax reform push, Nancy Cook, Shane Goldmacher and Josh Dawsey, 04/02/2017

My San Antonio, RSM Computer Donation Program, 04/2017

Tax Adviser, Ordinary loss deductions under Sec. 165(g)(3) in the S corp. context, T. Christopher D’Avico and Ed Decker, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, Proposed ‘hot dog stand’ regulations for spinoffs, Stefan Gottschalk, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, New reporting requirements for foreign-owned U.S. disregarded entities, Brian Hayes, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, Self-dealing exception solves estate settlement woe, Audrey G. Young, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, Tax planning for nonresident entering the U.S. tax system, Rolando Garcia and Angela X. Qian, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, Tax reform is likely to curtail some credits and incentives, Talia Schechter and Tom Windram, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, IRS issues reasonable internal-use software regulations for the research tax credit, Rory Bertiglia and Tom Windram, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, How to fix an incorrect GST exemption allocation, Barbara E. Larson, 04/01/2017

Tax Advisor, Considering cash: Advantages and availability of the cash method of accounting, Lori Anne Johnston, 04/01/2017

March 2017

Forbes, Top Tax Mistakes Law Firm Partners Can Avoid, Travis Russell, 03/31/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Why RSM chose OKC, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Why my job matters, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Advisory role, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Auditing, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Different kinds of clients, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Dispute resolution, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Fraud and cybersecurity, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Giving Back, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Next Gen, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Practice Areas, 03/28/2017

CFO, U.S. Concrete CFO Leaves, Auditor Dismissed After Material Weakness Notice, Rheaa Rao, 03/28/2017

CNN Money, Trump Reality Check: Did he create nearly half a million jobs?, 03/26/2017

Privcap, ERP Upgrade Success Stories, David Snow, 03/24/2017

Orlando Business Journal, 5 ways to build a successful digital transformation strategy, Denise Bendele of RSM US LLP, 03/24/2017

Privcap, Reimagining Retail, David Snow, 03/24/2017

Chief Executive, What Could a Border Tax Adjustment Mean for Mid-Market Companies?, Craig Guillot, 03/22/2017

Equipment Finance Advisor, U.S. Middle Market Firms Bullish on Economy and CAPEX, 03/22/2017

Wall Street Journal, What’s Giving Business Confidence? Here’s What They Expect, Josh Zumbrun, 03/21/2017

4-Traders, The Trump Bump: 60 Days In, Optimism Soaring Among Companies of Every Size, 03/21/2017

AICPA, IMTA Standing Ovation – Sundeep Bablani, CPA, CITP, 03/2017

CBS News, Rate hikes: Now the question is, how quickly?, Larry Light, 03/17/2017

Forbes, Big Brands And Businesses Are Aligning Their Missions With Millennial And Gen Z Consumers, Deep Patel, 03/17/2017

Dallas News, Fed raises interest rates in move that’ll end up costing most Americans, 03/17/2017

Benzinga, Fed Moves Markets With First Rate Hike Of 2017: On Path To ‘Beautiful Normalization’, Wayne Duggan, 03/15/2017

Baltimore Business Journal, 8 tax questions U.S. companies should consider before expanding overseas, Ramon Camacho of RSM US LLP, 03/15/2017

Wall Street Journal, Trivago Ramps Up GAAP Expertise After Material Weakness Disclosure, Nina Trentmann and Ttayana Shumsky, 03/13/2017

San Antonio Business Journal, Company balance sheets might not be the same in 2017, Kristen Mosbrucker, 03/13/2017

Boston Business Journal, Top trends to watch in retail in 2017, John Nicolopoulos of RSM US LLP, 03/12/2017

ValueWalk, The Forecast For US Healthcare; IT Continues To Evolve, 03/12/2017

NASDAQ, US STOCKS-S&P, Dow on track to snap 3-day losing streak as banks gain, Yashaswini Swamynathan, 03/09/2017

The Wall Street Journal, Economists React to the February Jobs Report: ‘A March Hike Is a Done Deal’, Jeffrey Sparshott, 03/10/2017

Privcap, The Data-Driven CFO, 03/10/2017

Privcap, The Globalization of RE Capital Will Continue, 03/10/2017

Privcap, Real Estate Underwriting in 2017, 03/10/2017

AICPA, Passing the CPA Exam: One CPA’s Journey, 03/10/2017

Accounting Today, The 2017 Top 100 Firms and Regional Leaders, 03/09/2017

Bloomberg BNA, Record-Low Audit Rates Could Reverse as IRS Alters Exams, Laura Davison and Colleen Murphy, 03/06/2017

Building Operating Management, Will Programs Like Energy Star, Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives Be Cut?, Naomi Millan, 03/03/2017

Privcap, IT Due Diligence Done Right, 03/03/2017

Privcap, ‘Need to Know’ is the New ‘Nice to Know’, David Snow, 03/03/2017

Privcap, A Career Built on Emotional Intelligence, 03/03/2017

Advanced Manufacturing, Manufacturing Reaches Best Level in 30 Months, ISM Says, Bill Koenig, 03/01/2017


February 2017

Boston Business Journal, 2017 risk outlook: 6 trends to monitor, RSM’s Joe Brusuelas and Rob Kastenschmidt, 02/26/2017

Benzinga, RSM Makes Accounting History at the University of Northern Iowa’s College of Business Administration, 02/21/2017

Journal of Accountancy, What accountants need to know about India’s demonetization, Chris Sheedy, 02/21/2017

Reuters, US Stocks – Wall St slips as bank, health stocks weight, Yashaswini Swamynathan, 02/17/2017

PGA TOUR Charities, 2016 RSM Classic raises more than $2.2 million for charity, 02/17/2017

Yahoo! Finance Canada, The 30 Best Workplaces for Consulting & Professional Services, Fortune, 02/16/2017

Cincinnati Business Journals, Border-adjusted tax proposals may impact exporters and importers, Ben Wasmuth of RSM US LLP, 02/15/2017

Accounting Today, FASB goodwill impairment simplification proves to be popular, Michael Cohn, 02/14/2017

Corridor Business Journal, Get ready for the IRS’ new ‘campaign’ approach, Dave DeWitte, 02/13/2017

Industry Today, Costs and Quality Are Driving Manufacturing Investments, Steve Menaker of RSM US LLP, 02/16/2017

Privcap, Why Riverside Loves the Global Lower-Middle, 02/13/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 ways to counter fraud in your business, Greg Naviloff of RSM US LLP, 02/12/2017

WTOL, Local manufacturers meet to see if Donald Trump will Make American Manufacturing Great Again, Jonathan Monk, 02/10/2017

Accounting Today, RSM launches ‘Advisor Center’ to strengthen firm’s soft skills, Sean McCabe, 02/08/2017, When Taxes And Ownership Deserve Attention Reserved For Returns, Michael Thrasher, 02/08/2017

Forbes, Changes In Tax Code Will Lead To Changes In High-Net-Worth Investment Portfolios, Russ Alan Prince, 02/07/2017

Wall Street Journal, Economists React to the January Jobs Report: ‘Further From Full Employment’, Eric Morath, 02/03/2017

Yahoo! Finance, ‘Animal Spirits’ Spur Private Sector Hiring, Joe Brusuelas of RSM US LLP, 02/03/2017

The Middle Market, Software technology is of interest to all buyers, 02/03/2017

Accounting Today, RSM’s 2nd annual ’90-90-9’ program awards staff $90K, Sean McCabe, 02/01/2017

Market Watch, Trump administration’s dollar comments don’t add up, says traders, William Watts, 02/01/2017

Benzinga, Why The Case For A Border Adjustment Tax Relies On A Question Assumption, Wayne Duggan, 02/01/2017

Houston Business Journal, What to know about the upheaval in international tax law, Lisa Pinchin of RSM US LLP, 02/01/2017

Austin Business Journal, 5 questions for nonprofits to determine their digital readiness, Mary Beth Jameson of RSM US LLP, 02/01/2017

Washington Business Journal, How to modernize your finance organization, Christina Churchill of RSM US LLP, 02/01/2017

St. Louis Business Journal, 5 trends in manufacturing to watch in 2017, Steve Menaker of RSM US LLP, 02/01/2017

Tampa Bay Business Journal, 6 trends for middle-market food and beverage companies to watch in 2017 (Video), Cristin Singer of RSM US LLP, 02/01/2017


January 2017

Food Dive, A Balancing Act: How brand mash-ups make delicious innovations – and profits, Keith Loria, 01/31/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 thing to enhance supply chain management, Graydon Smith of RSM US LLP, 01/29/2017

Privcap, Valuing Upstream Energy in 2017, 01/27/2017

Privcap, Trends in U.S. Manufacturing, David Snow, 01/27/2017

CNN Money, Still slow: U.S. economy grew 1.6% in 2016, Patrick Gillespie, 01/27/2017

Memphis Business Journal, 3 ways to recognize vendor fraud, Denise Bendele of RSM US LLP, 01/26/2017

Construction Executive, Embrace New Technology Platforms to Improve Business Operations, Joanna Masterson, 01/24/2017

Privcap, What’s Behind the Surge in Software Deals?, 01/19/2017

Rigzone, Could Trump Take Pointers from ExxonMobil’s Tillerson on Cybersecurity?, Karen Boman, 01/19/2017

Accounting WEB, IRS Issues Final Regulations on Transfers of Foreign Goodwill, Terry Sheridan, 01/18/2017

Commercial Property Executive, RSM to Occupy 95 KSF at Iconic 4 Times Square, Bogdan Odagescu, 01/17/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 technology trends in 2017, Chris Wetmore and Bill Kracunas of RSM US LLP, 01/17/2017

The Wall Street Journal, Investors Position for an Antiestablishment Era, James Mackintosh, 01/16/2017

City A.M., Has the bond bull run’s bubble burst? Unpicking the Trump effect and other influences that will shape the bond market in 2017, Jasper Jolly, 01/16/2017

Crain’s Cleveland Business, Ward off cybersecurity threats, Jay Schulman of RSM US LLP, 01/14/2017

Accounting Today, Video: A critical crossroads, 01/11/2017

Accounting Today, Video: Tax reform and the economy, 01/10/2017

Accounting Today, Video: Major developments for the new year, 01/09/2017

Telegraph Herald, Investing in uncertain times, Mike Montag of RSM US Wealth Management LLC, 01/05/2017

Cincinnati Business Journal, State tax credits that encourage and reward growing businesses, Mark Blawas of RSM US LLP, 01/04/2017

Boston Business Journal, Five economic drivers for 2017, Joe Brusuelas of RSM US LLP, 01/02/2017

News OK, Business People: Local firms’ hirings and promotions, 01/01/2017

Golden Isles News, Top 10 of 2016: RSM playoff tops best of 2016 in Isles, Buddy Hughes, 01/01/2017



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